Content Rejuvenation Plan

Let’s take a gander at what CONTENTVISE is offering to keep you in the running. I mean, the running of your bread winner, your pocket change jingler your website money tree. The truth is that, a STALE CONTENT is MURDER for your website. Ya gotta keep the content fresh and updated on a regular basis so it won’t break down. Of course, monthly content rejuvenation packages include regular updates, but there is much more to consider. Content rejuvenation includes new content additions, blog postings, email newsletters and with a few packages, a yearly

OH NO!! DO YOU MEAN TO SAY THAT Website maintenance isn’t a single event happening? Hey, let’s get into the WRINKLE of the real world. Your website is like an automobile that needs constant TUNE- UPS attention so that it’s always running at its best.

Hey!! Did you know that CONTENTVISE goes lengths beyond so called traditional maintenance companies to pull together all areas of inbound marketing and technical aspects of your website?? These are perhaps referred to as the dry stuff that a geek could fall asleep about, but absolutely necessary for success. Here’s one to smile about: Maintenance options for busy pros and professionals like you, allows you to sleep with a calm mind, mentally knowing that all is well with your website content because we—CONTENTVISE CONTENT REJUVENATION SERVICES eliminates the headaches out of rejuvenation of your baby. Maintenance packages are a great option if you are not technically inclined, or if you are simply too busy to be able to do it.

Hello!! Discounts for these packages are yours for the asking—‘if-in ya’ll commit to an annual bunch of time, me good brother!!’ CONTENTVISE maintenance packages INCLUDE the following:

1. Creating new content, which is laced with good SEO
2. Posting and optimizing new photos to make it more saleable
3. Implementing stock photos inclined to your criteria
4. Maintaining programs and adjusting e-mail accounts
5. Keeping a keen eye peeled for spam
6. Content editing for typos and grammar errors
7. Adding new links
8. Conducting repairs due to content transfer or otherwise
9. Maintaining current backups
10. Watching Google Webmaster and Analytics Tools
11. Eyeballing Google campaigns requiring new content
Work requiring hours beyond normal maintenance provided by the contracted package can be purchased at the rate of $30 per hour. Changing a package for longer than one year can be arranged. You may increase your site’s visibility and traffic with our CONTENTVISE SEO experts. SEO Packages You may need for your website rankings. Choose to view our wide variety of custom options. Content MAINTENANCE PACKAGES Take the hassle out of maintaining your websites. CONTENTVISE has a wide considerable amount of options to choose from, to fill your specific needs. And now, you’ve got a complete picture. All you have to do is let us go to work for you. Then, take a trip to Paris France and eat the sites. Then, to Rome Italy and gander at Michael Angelo’s master pieces where I guarantee you will uuuh and aaah. Then fight a Marlin in Mexico on a fast moving boat of pleasure.