future of linking

Future of Backlinks

Well, well, are you scratching your head in wonder?? I agree.

What in the Tom Duly is a Backlink?

Let’s try to make this question a little easier to answer by putting the word BACKLINKS into a more understandable word without going into the tech mind of the computer geek.

Let’s call these things—INCOMING LINKS.

Now is that a little plainer to discern by a new kid in town? Okay—admit it, say YES.

But why are these critters called INCOMING LINKS?.

Shoot! Somehow I knew I would be asked that.

Okay, The answer is because these critters COME IN to link other websites to our own and to posts and to settings.

Not clear yet, huh? Okay, how about the fact that they are tangible measures of a very well known concept of life as it is very prevalent among us human beings. What’s that??

POPULARITY, and EMINENCE, the stuff all of us strive for—long for, like lonely coyotes on a hot summer night howling at the moon. Yes we’re looked at and measured daily, whether knowingly or unknowingly, we measure and look at ourselves in comparison to others, yes we do it!!

You see, my mystified friend, backlinks measure how much eminence—how much popularity our websites have earned.

Wow!!Can anyone really comprehend this mumbo jumbo??

It’s really not that complicated, is it?

You see, it’s all about linking; yes linking Jim’s blog to Jane’s post and back to Jim and then back to Jane—bla, bla bla. All that enables anyone to keep track of other pages on a website that links to a post.

Aha, so now we’re getting down and dirty because we can say that we’re explaining a CONTENT FEATURE, such as RELATED DISCUSSIONS on other websites along with regular content on a post.

Is there a future for BACKLINKS??

We all look at the question with a wide eyed expression, because we realize that technology today can change overnight and what was the talk of the town is now suddenly obsolete, done, chucked in the trash.

But take a breath of fresh air and sigh a happy thought, because for now, backlinks is one of the best methods to improve your website.

You see, Search Engine optimism is absolutely necessary for anyone reaching for a higher public relations goal, or I could say in other words, making a success of their website business.

Backlinks have become so important to the scope of search engine optimism, or I could say to the success of a person locating his preferred website by typing in a search entry word that backlinks can be referred to as the building blocks of good search engine day.

Interestingly, the number of backlinks is a positive indication of the popularity, the importance and the eminence of a website.

For instance, some search engines —among them is GOOGLE, the god of search engine optimism, will give more credit to a website that has a good number of Backlinks and will radiate those websites as greater than others and with that, these website receive the mother lode of gold—so to speak.

They satisfy a query.

Now, let’s talk the talk and talk turkey—okay??

In the terms of simple gab—when a person punches in a KEYWORD, search engines go to work and measure the REVELANCE of a site to that keyword.

If inbound links are looked upon as non-relevant content, they immediately are looked upon as less relevant. The higher the relevance of inbound links, the greater their quality to attract traffic.

For example, should a webmaster have a website about ‘How to cook fish’ and received a backlink from another website about ‘How to bring home the big fish’, then the content would be more relevant in a search engine’s assessment, however, if the link was to a site about hunting, the relevance would be lost and the quality of the search would be unsuccessful.

The more relevance the linking site to your website, the better the quality of the backlink.

We could say that if the shoe fits well, (as in a relevant backlink), wear it with a smile, but if the shoe hurts your feet (As in an un-relevant backlink) do not put it on as it will prevent progress (As in a website that gets little traffic)

Now, my friends, let’s recap.


For now, we can say a big YES. However, should a brand new innovation spring to life like a pretty flower blooming and make the BIG YES a past reality? Backlinks are the CATS MEOW and the best way to increase your eminence to the world and attract traffic to your website.

Good quality relevant backlinks do in fact make smooth paved inroads to your website each time a person rings the door bell with a KEYWORD into the search engine optimizer.

With good quality backlinks,—for now, traffic will bow to your eminence and be goated to you.

We say YES to backlinks to flower your rankings and draw an ace into your full house.

What NOW future is there for BACKLINKS??

Increase your rankings.
Increase promotion.
Increase sales.
Increase traffic.
Increase desired results and smile all the way to the bank.
So, my good entrepreneurs, for now, wrap your arms around theses critters and give your webs eminence and smile, smile, smile.

For Conetntvise By Rodney Hart [write us at info@contentvise.com]