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Have you Started Working on your Content?

Have you Started Working on your Content? Content is King♛
Web Site Content: Do Not Assume

This is based on the work I have done to date as a content writer and my personal experiences. Web sites have become one of the key ways information is disseminated. These are a few observations about different web sites I have seen and problems I have with them.

The Content Jump

This is quite often a problem with a “technical” web site. That is advanced engineering, plastics and specialized equipment suppliers. The front page is often full of enthusiastic general statements about the products and services on offer. The pages are very well designed, with very good graphics. They do act as very good “hooks”. There is often little real content however. The problems start when you dig a little deeper, You want a general, well written descriptions of what certain pieces of equipment can do . This will include an understandable over view of a certain process. What can happen is that the next page is full of very detailed technical information. This could turn people off. For the next stage after that, definitely have links, pdf files and more in depth descriptions of what the products can do, specific information and specifications on different functions. The key point is not to assume. The web site reader may not be a specialist but they may well be able to understand as, “lay people”, the gist of what is being presented.

The over all web site should “step” people through each page. For example, a manger or client, may see a well presented general second page and then refer that onto a specialist who will then move into the details. Alternatively. they may have already lost interest because the content was over technical and not clear.

The same is true on You Tube

The first example is very often the case with car dealerships. There is a well presented video of the latest car model with a handsome young man and a pretty young lady driving around some amazing landscape. Car bonnets are lifted, buttons pressed and engines revved. There is some ambient house music, or funky soul blasting out. Content? I have found it very rare to find any real commentary that ever explains anything with these videos.

The other extreme is the enthusiastic “techie” in a workshop, going into all kinds of obscure technical detail about say a laser cutter, CNC lathe or welding process. There is lots of content. But rarely is it organized. The viewer may not have seen a laser cutter before. Again, it is the middle way, of leading and guiding people into what is on the site. Good sites do this, other do not. There are other examples that I have often come across. What size motor does the car have? So what does this process really do? A good web site along with a good piece of content writing is there to logically inform a reader of what is on offer.

By Jonathan Effemey for Contentvise