Say Hello to SEO!

Search is the king of internet, everything else revolves around this or very closely connected to it. Search determines the power of internet by helping the user to find information. There is lot to perceive on how it works and what makes a website rank high on search results.

Every visitor who is curious to find something on internet will type a particular keyword on the search engine and the results which are generated on first page are the results what SEO is all about. Search Engine Optimization only effects the organic search result and not the ads which usually show up on top, side and bottom of the page.

Some Must Do SEO tips for a website:

Every title tag should be unique and easy to pick up, relevant to the searched keywords while describing the topic covered in the page. Including keywords with high search volume in the page titles gives an additional SEO advantage.

Next on priority are the “description” metatags. Compared to title tags, meta tags have more words to describe the content of the webpage, every unique meta tag should be relevant to the title topic and give information on what the page is about. Search engines might use the description meta tags as snippets and show it in the search results so this should cleverly tell the visitor what is there in the page for him and in return search engines will give more user friendly rankings. Instead of copying the title, meta tag should provide other important page information which is otherwise distributed in various sections of the page, like price, product description or other important information which may be interesting for the visitor and make them stay longer on the page.

Easy to understand and simple language URL’s which convey the visitor about the topic covered in the page. URL’s will be displayed in the search results and most likely the one to be followed and clicked so making them relevant can increase the visit chances. URL’s should be as search engine companionable as possible.

Website should be very user friendly and going to one page from another should be very easy. Homepage is usually the best place to have the menu of categories which should follow to every page and making it easy for visitor to switch pages back and forth. Website should use sitemap file submission for best results and have a 404 page.

Content is the asset which actually makes a website connect to its visitors, its development is the most powerful way to reach on top of search engines. Discover and use mostly searched keywords for your content and make sure you make a copyscape verified version of everything you put on net. Remember to build a call to action feature on every page which will provide leads to the business or as per the requirement.

Managing images might be important for the website speed and so using a special directory for all images will simplify the path of the images and using common file format might also be a handy way out.

Using robots.txt in an effective way can also be good for the website rankings and restrict crawling. Use no follow links to tackle the issue of comment spamming.

Making the website accessible on mobile and tablets is a must as per the current market trend, responsive design should be made to make it more easy for visitors. Correct version of pages should be created sending the mobile users to the correct page.

Last but not the least promote the website via legitimate ways only. Best ways to promote your online business is through Social Media, Blogs, PPC, Backlinks, Community Postings, etc. Feel free to contact our team of experts to save you from this hassle and let the experienced pave the success way for you!

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