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Contentvise is available 24/7 via chat, email, Skype or call. Any issues raised by the customer will be replied within 24 hours.

Yes, possibly Contentvise can be thought of as a content writing site but it is a lot more than that. It offers a Blog Writing service, a Business Copy writing service, Social Media Marketing services and a Content rejuvenation service. Full details are on the web site. Contentvise offers a very comprehensive all round service.

We live in an environment swamped by adverting of all kinds, TV, Radio Billboards, Face Book, You Tube. The web swarms with inserts and add on’s pushing a product. Most people get immune or simply irritated by this over load. If there is interest in your product or service they will want some back ground on it. Look for content, articles and accounts on the web and social media. Investing in content or specific articles may well bring an informed and interested member of the public to really engage in what you have to offer and not simply hit a delete button.

To give you an idea; the Starter can offer unique content writing, advertising and a monthly blog as well as a lot more. Conqueror, will provide a monthly article in the press, media profile development and social media postings again with a lot more as well.

Contentvise provides expert SEO to make sure that there is search engine optimization. Content and “key words” will be constantly updated and revised to make sure that any web page stays relevant and at the top of any search engine.

There will be close look and audit of any existing web content and presence. There would be an aim to get the best possible SEO which will be constantly monitored and updated if necessary Maximize the Social Media Advantage and visibility on all major sites.